Resume Templates of 2020


The initial phase in making your resume is to pick one of the Resume Templates, running from complex resume format to simple resume layout, depending upon the business or organization you are applying for.

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Ready Made Resume Templates

100s of widgets and color options to start your Resume


First resume template

A neat and clear resume template that stands out from all other resumes. This is a professional resume template that is most effective for business people.

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Second resume template

The Polygon resume shows a strong presence. This resume template allows you to showcase your strength. Get your dream job and use this template.

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Third resume template

A colorful resume template that gives a creative twist to your job application. The structure and content is clear and allows for high readability.

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Forth resume template

A two columns design with a clear separation for this resume template. Clear content with a dynamic structure as this template evenly balanced.

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Fifth resume template

Two Sided resume template that conveys minimal design and elegance. This professional resume template is great for educational positions.

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Sixth resume template

The Vegan resume template is a typical layout. Perfect for the reverse chronological resume structure, this layout is easy to read and beautiful resume.

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Seventh resume template

A resume template with clear headings for the section. This resume is great for people with a very diverse set of skills. A must have for the students.

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Fifth resume template

A bright and colorful resume template. Be seen by the recruiters instantly with a diverse list of colors.

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Ninth resume template

The strong professional header in this resume template is great to highlight the image and strong social media presence. Perfect for people like digital marketers.

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Tenth resume template

A colored sidebar design that shows this professional resume template is great for engineers and skilled workers.

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Eleventh resume template

The most in demand resume template for teachers. With skill bars on the left and right for chart and skill bars. Perfect with dark colors.

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Twelfth resume template

Stylish as the name suggests. This resume template is both clear to read and visually appealing. is great for IT and computer services.

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Word Resume Templates

Why Microsoft Word resume templates are no good

  • It is a very old fashioned way to write a professional resume and takes along time to create
  • Anytime you need to update your resume it’s template breaks and you have to redo it all over again
  • Whenever you want to change the template you’ll spend hours just trying to figure what section goes where.
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Thirteenth resume template

A complete resume template that will work for any Banking Resume or financial Resume

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Fourteenth resume template

A minimal design for teachers and educators. Clear inforghraphics that showcases your skills with clarity in your resume.

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Fifteenth resume template

A simple resume that showcases both the ability and skills in an easy and readable formate

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Sixteenth resume template

A beautifully designed resume for the medical resume template. A readable formate that is clear and and minimal

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Seventeenth resume template

The pointy header with it’s strong colors are a dominant show for your resume. Your skills have a great place on the left in this resume template.

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Eighteenth resume template

Learnt languages, professional and soft skills and hobbies have a place on the left. While your educational and professional skills are on the right in this resume template.

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resume template sample

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Nineteenth resume template

A clear double list resume template for the artists and design workers. Skills are made easy and can be done with icons and infographs.

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New Cast

Twentieth resume template

The middle bar with its strong colors allow your resume to stand out from the rest. If you have a strong set of skills and good educational background then this resume template is for you.

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Twente first resume template

A colorful left sidebar creates a perfect separation. If you have reached a senior level then this senior resume template is for you.

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