Resume Templates of 2020

The initial phase in making your resume is to pick one of the Resume Templates, running from complex resume format to simple resume layout, depending upon the business or organization you are applying for.


Ready Made Resume Templates

Start by choosing the right templates for you

Professional Resume Template Smart
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Smart resume template

A neat and clear resume template that stands out from all other resumes. This is a professional resume template that is most effective for business people.

Professional Resume Template Polygon
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Polygon resume template

The Polygon resume shows a strong presence. This resume template allows you to showcase your strength. Get your dream job and use this template.

Professional Resume Template Elegant
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Elegant resume template

A colorful resume template that gives a creative twist to your job application. The structure and content is clear and allows for high readability.

Professional Resume Template Influx
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Influx resume template

A two columns design with a clear separation for this resume template. Clear content with a dynamic structure as this template evenly balanced.

Professional Resume Template Functional
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Functional resume template

Two Sided resume template that conveys minimal design and elegance. This professional resume template is great for educational positions.

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Vegan resume template

The Vegan resume template is a typical layout. Perfect for the reverse chronological resume structure, this layout is easy to read and beautiful resume.

Modern Resume Template Standard
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Standard resume template

A resume template with clear headings for the section. This resume is great for people with a very diverse set of skills. A must have for the students.

Minimal Resume Template Visability
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Visibility resume template

A bright and colorful resume template. Be seen by the recruiters instantly with a diverse list of colors.

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Minimal Resume Template Diamond
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Diamond resume template

The strong professional header in this resume template is great to highlight the image and strong social media presence. Perfect for people like digital marketers.

Professional Resume Template Ultimate
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Ultimate resume template

A colored sidebar design that shows this professional resume template is great for engineers and skilled workers.

Professional Resume Template KSA
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KSA resume template

The most in demand resume template for teachers. With skill bars on the left and right for chart and skill bars. Perfect with dark colors.

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Stylish resume template

Stylish as the name suggests. This resume template is both clear to read and visually appealing. is great for IT and computer services.

Minimal Resume Template Diamond
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Sireva resume template

A complete resume template that will work for any Banking Resume or financial Resume

Professional Resume Template Ultimate
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Pre-classic resume template

A minimal design for teachers and educators. Clear inforghraphics that showcases your skills with clarity in your resume.

Professional Resume Template KSA
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Genial resume template

A simple resume that showcases both the ability and skills in an easy and readable formate

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Feminin resume template

A beautifully designed resume for the medical resume template. A readable formate that is clear and and minimal

Why Microsoft Word resume templates are no good

  • It is a very old fashioned way to write a professional resume and takes along time to create
  • Anytime you need to update your resume it’s template breaks and you have to redo it all over again
  • Whenever you want to change the template you’ll spend hours just trying to figure what section goes where.
Professional Resume Template Modren
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Modern resume template

The pointy header with it’s strong colors are a dominant show for your resume. Your skills have a great place on the left in this resume template.

Minimal Resume Template Rebbo
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Rebbo resume template

Learnt languages, professional and soft skills and hobbies have a place on the left. While your educational and professional skills are on the right in this resume template.

Professional Resume Template Classic
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Classic resume template

A clear double list resume template for the artists and design workers. Skills are made easy and can be done with icons and infographs.

Professional Resume Template New Cast
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New Cast resume template

The middle bar with its strong colors allow your resume to stand out from the rest. If you have a strong set of skills and good educational background then this resume template is for you.

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Arrow resume template

A colorful left sidebar creates a perfect separation. If you have reached a senior level then this senior resume template is for you.

Professional Resume Template Concept
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Concept resume template

A great reverse chronological resume template with icons and infographs. Recommended for software developers with it’s project based design.

Professional Resume Template Basic
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Basic resume template

A free resume template that is very professional and elegant. This resume is a free style that works for all industries with it’s clear and smart look.

Professional Resume Template Static
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Static resume template

A clear and free resume template. It is easy to read and with it’s headers shows the different sections for easy spotting.

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What is a Resume?

Everything You Need to Know

We all need a resume in our lifetime, whether we want to apply for a job, go back to school, or work as a volunteer. Why? Resumes are a brief summary of our personal and professional experiences, skills, and education. It clearly lays out what we have done thus far in our lives. Not to be confused with a curriculum vitae (CV), which provides more educational history and in-depth information related to employment, a resume is a clearly articulated, bulleted document that organizes everything briefly and neatly. More on why they are different here

Since every job is unique, your resume should be tailored per application process. Be sure to change small details that make you more desirable depending upon the job and sector. In this way, your resume is a “living” document. It’s never totally complete.

What Should I Put on a Resume?

Resumes can be unique and creatively original per person. Therefore, not every resume will look alike. But, there are some basics that should appear on every resume, including:

  • Skills
  • Achievements
  • Professional summary
  • Professional title
  • Work information/history
  • Contact information

Organize the information chronologically, with your most recently held job highlighted at the top. If you have a particular category that is lacking, like professional skills and certificates, put that section at the end, or don’t designate it as its own section. Let your accomplishments take up the bulk of the resume. You can also include volunteer experience, certifications, etc.

Find our more about the skills in this article.

What Should My Resume Look Like for a First Job?

It’s hard to make your first resume – what makes the cut and what doesn’t? Students or new employees should include all past employment, volunteer work, and everything that was accomplished at school to demonstrate potential. Don’t leave out any project or extracurricular activity. Learn more here

How Should I Format a Resume?

You have three formatting options or “resume types”: reverse chronological, functional, and hybrid. The reverse chronological includes listing your most recent experience (this is the most popular option). If you are going into a skills-based industry or to need to give particular emphasis to skills that highlight your competitiveness for the job, then a functional resume is appropriate. There is also a hybrid option if you want to combine both into the format.

How Long Should My Resume Be?

It is recommended to use maximum one page for your resume, especially if you have less than 5-years of work experience. If you have more than 5-years of experience, it’s appropriate to use up to two-pages. It is not recommended to go over that limit (it looks sloppy and overwhelming to the reader). Check how you can builder your resume in just 10 minutes

How Do I Write a Resume Summary?

The resume summary is a two to three-sentence summary of your experience and skills. It should be a “hook” that draws the reader in and highlights your contact information at the top of the resume. Keep it quick, brief, and less than 50-words if possible. You can also offer concrete examples of your achievements as you highlight your unique experience.

How Do I List Skills on a Resume?

There are hard skills and there are soft skills. Hard skills include technical-focused skills, like language skills and computer programming skills. Soft skills are not directly “teachable,” but are just as important as hard skills: leadership, organizational capabilities, and communication skills.

You can highlight both skills on a resume in a way that makes you look impressive. It’s common to provide a skills summary, elaborating on certain skills that are needed for the job position.

What is the Best Resume Template?

There is no “best” template to use for a resume, as different industries/jobs will have different requirements. We recommend analyzing your industry and adapting your resume to highlight what is most important for the job (skills versus job history, etc.).

Chose your resume template here

More Resume
Template Information

How Do I Make a Resume?

Choose one of the available resume templates above, ranging from simple to creative design. Make your choice based on the industry you are working in. If you are still confused, choose a resume that jumps out at your eye. You can always switch between the templates by clicking “templates” in the left menu.

Are The Resume Templates Free?

We also enable users to test premium features in the free template mode. You cannot, however, download a premium template for free.

How Do I Make a Resume Cover Letter?

Simply choose a cover letter sample with the same design and fonts as your resume to ensure continuity. Tailor each cover letter to the employer so there are unique elements in the writing.

What Do I Do if I Am a Student?

Our templates can be used harmoniously with all student resumes or college resumes, whether you are applying to a college, part-time job, or internship. As we have said, you want to keep your resume to one-page if you have less than 5-years of experience. Start here

Who Created the Available Resume Templates?

All of our templates are made by professional graphic designers that have researched thousands of popular and effective resume layouts to give you the best chance at securing the job/education position. Following working with recruiters and employers to make the resumes as desirable as possible, you can rest assured our templates are the best in the industry.

What Are Creative Templates? Simple Templates?

Our creative templates are designed to catch the attention of recruiters immediately. They are best when used in creative, content-driven industries that care about imagery.

The simple template is structured for industries that require “less creativity,” from law and banking, to medical applications. These resumes focus less on appearance and more on highlighted skills.

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