Resume Templates of 2020 (20+ resume templates)

The initial phase in making your resume is to pick one of the Resume Templates, running from complex resume format to simple resume layout, depending upon the business or organization you are applying for.

Resume templates for different careers

Our templates for the resume are available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Arabic languages on our Resume Builder.

Looking for a Professional Resume? We have prepared an amazing list of ready-made beautiful resume templates that can be completed easily on our Resume Builder

Your resume is the first impression you give about who you are, and how good you are.

a Template Resume

20+ different professional resume templates to pick from.

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Professional Resume Template Smart


A professional resume with a two columns layout that insures all sections have the same strong presence.

Professional Resume Template Polygon


Basic resume template with a modern touch. White space keeps it elegant and clean. Tiny icons grab attention. A great resume starts with clear formate.

Professional Resume Template Elegant


A bold design that helps you show your experience and interests as well as skills.

Professional Resume Template Influx


Clear, modern, interesting and creative. Easily a smart choice for creative industry.

Professional Resume Template Functional


From its name “Functional” the design of this template is simple and straight to the point. Two columns make the design balanced.


With two columns shaded one more than the other, this resume template highlights your talents with small icons.

Modern Resume Template Standard


Highlighted headers and a large contact, skills and hobbies area on the left. This resume template is a great modern design.

Minimal Resume Template Visability


A minor frame for this resume helps create the layout for the eye to focus on all the relevant information about your experience and education.

Minimal Resume Template Diamond


A wide header with a strong primary color provides a modern resume template while keeping it minimal at the same time.

Professional Resume Template Ultimate


A creative header gives you a modern resume template like this limitless possibilities.

Professional Resume Template KSA


Left column provides an area to highlight with different color as this customizable resume is professional and creative.


Getting your Job is easy with this clear minimal resume template. Professional resume writing has never been easier.

A template Resume
Professional Resume Template Modren


With two columns shaded one more than the other, this resume template highlights your talents with small icons that show a modern and beautiful resume.

Minimal Resume Template Rebbo


Highlighted headers and a large contact, skills and hobbies area on the left. The headers are highlighted for better readability.

Professional Resume Template Classic


A futuristic and modern resume template that comes with a lot of colors

Professional Resume Template New Cast

New Cast

Colored middle bar that splits your resume into to sections. This resume template is both modern and professional.


Arrow shaped left column with strong color to highlight hobbies and skills while highlighting the experience and education with white space. Minimal design at it’s best.

Professional Resume Template Concept


A new addition to our resume templates of 2020. Modern resume template of 2020.

Professional Resume Template Basic


Basic design for the template. This template is a free resume template of 2020.

Professional Resume Template Static


Minimal design resume template. This template is a free resume template of 2020.


Professional Resume is a Modern Resume in 2020. Best free resume formate.

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Writing a resume for the first time? maybe you are a seasoned professional? either way we got you covered with our resume templates. We assist you step by step in creating the best possible resume with our Resume Builder. Our resumes help answer questions asked by job seekers such as:

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  • It is a very old fashioned way to write a professional resume and takes along time to create
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  • Whenever you want to change the template you’ll spend hours just trying to figure what section goes where.

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A resume builder is an online tool that automatically creates a professional resume using the information you input. It is a quick and easy way to build your resume. StylingCV resume builder is created by designers and approved by career experts, providing you with the knowledge you need to build a resume from scratch. Plus, there are many downloadable options available for free. Check out our free resume builder and launch your career into the next level of professionalism and success!