Introduce The Two-Minute Resume Builder

Job-hunters can now use the convenient and free tool for creating compelling professional resumes to save time. In today’s hyper competitive job market it is imperative for job seekers to have a great-looking resume if they wish to stand out.

Resume Help - Introduce The Two-Minute Resume Builder

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Plain and simple resumes do not cut it anymore, therefore, it is time to modernize the process of crafting a CV. Building a compelling resume can be intimidating, especially for those who lack graphic design experience or find themselves lost in the ocean of pre-design templates.

StylingCV, a new online tool, has been developed to simplify the process of crafting an attractive and compelling resume without prior design experience or spending a lot of time or money. The free tool is now live

Launched in January, 2018, StylingCV was developed with the help of professional recruiters and Human Resource experts.  The focus of the free to use tool is to help people ditch the old plain resume style and adopt a creatively designed resume instead, which will increase the chance of catching the attention of the recruiters.

Recent studies revealed that a resume has to grab the attention of the recruiter within the first 6 seconds. Therefore, an eye-catching resume will increase it chance of grabbing the attention of the right people and in turn improve the applicant’s chances to get selected.

The primary purpose of a resume is to represent the applicant, and generally recruiters can receive hundreds or even thousands applications for the same job, especially given the state of the current job market, making the right impression is imperative in such a competitive situation. StylingCV aims to make the crucial first step in the application process quicker and easier by building creative, eye-catching resumes.

The process is simple, StylingCV users have to simply visit, sign up, select the desired templates and input the information, which usually takes just 2 minutes.

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