To resize the sections of the My Time chart hover your mouse over the border between two sections. Once the four direction move cursor appears click the border with the left mouse button and drag it around to your desired size.

Yes, you can remove the STYLING logo and website from the bottom of your resume. Just go to the toolbox on the left and then Templates, and turn on the Remove Branding toggle..

We have omitted advanced editing functions like font sizes and paragraph formating to keep our platform simple to use and to prevent possible issues with the design of your resume. If you need to conserve space you may try the Compact template, it can be found in the toolbox on the left, after pressing the Pick Template button. This template reduces the font sizes and some spaces. It also hides the photo and icons but you can un-hide them from their respective sections. You may also try to rephrase some of your longer bullets or use the Rearrange Sections feature that allows you to arrange the sections in your resume via drag and drop

Login and go to this link: Billing. Then click on ‘Suspend subscription’. You will have full access until the end of the billing period.

First, make sure that you’ve entered the card number, CCV and expiration date correctly. The name and address under billing should be the same as the cardholder because our payment processor does fraud-detection. A mismatch between billing and cardholder name is a frequent reason for a decline.

Sometimes transactions are declined for no concrete reason and unfortunately we don’t have any information on why that happens. We advise that you try again in a few minutes. If the issue persists, either call your bank or try paying via PayPal.

After 5 of your friends have joined through your referal link you will need to log into your account, press the upgrade button and choose the Yearly SMART plan. There you will see the discount for inviting friends applied.

To upgrade account from any package, you can visit upgrade page after signing in-to the CV builder application.

Yes, CV Ease & your data both are completely secured. We use valid SSL certificate with strong SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption for data transmission. We also use SiteLock security so that your data is secured from malwares, viruses & hackers.