When Is The Best Time To Search For A Job?

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When Is The Best Time To Search For A Job?

When Is The Best Time? Is There Ever A Good Time?

When it comes time to search for a job, you might find yourself wondering, “am I searching for a job at the right time? Are businesses hiring right now? Did I miss the hiring season?” And to be completely honest – all of those are fair questions to ask yourself! The job market is a complex, confusing, and time-sensitive place – just not in the way that you might imagine. Businesses tend to hire at different times throughout the year, depending on the type of industry that they occupy. For instance, retail businesses always seem to pick up steam just before the holiday season, so if you’re looking for a managerial role at your local supermarket, that may be the best time to search. On the other hand, schools and educational institutions very rarely hire during the year unless its for a leave replacement position. More than likely, you’ll find a position posting sometime in the late spring for the following school year.

Think about it – that’s just for two different types of jobs! With the plethora of job opportunities out there, knowing just when to search for a job is absolutely critical towards ensuring that you put yourself in the best possible position to score an interview.

So, let’s talk a bit more about the best time to search for a job.

What Do Recruiters Think?

Generally speaking, the holiday season is a poor time to search for a job. If you haven’t scored your dream position sometime before the holidays, the chances are high that you’ll definitely find yourself searching for a job well into the new year. After all, the start of a new year is always a bit of a slow time for businesses across industries.

Recruiters suggest that you can begin searching for a new job during the summer or at the end of the fiscal year. So, for instance, our current fiscal year began on October 1st of 2019 and will run through September 30th of this year. Recruiters believe that the weeks leading up to the end of the fiscal year seem to be prime time for businesses looking to hire.

Now, with that said, it’s clear to see that jobs are quite simply easier to find during certain times of the year.

The Myth of Hiring In January & February

While it’s safe to say that businesses are certainly slow during the beginning of every new year – particularly retail businesses, there is some merit to the argument that January and February could contain a hidden gem in terms of an employment opportunity.

For many organizations and businesses, January and February tend to be the prime time for them to open up long-term jobs and full-time positions.

But wait – didn’t you say earlier that the new year is a slow time of year?

Well, yes! But at the same time, these are the months where businesses receive their new budgets and sales forecasts – if they have projected growth, they may look to add another full-time member to their team. And thanks to this article, you’ll be the one they hire!

We should go back to our earlier statement just for a brief instant to clarify something – the few weeks of the new year tend to be slow because many employees are still returning from vacations, holiday trips, etc. Typically, the last week in January is when businesses begin to gear up for the remaining fiscal year – and that is precisely when they’ll look to add a new member to the team.

What’s In Store For The Spring when you search for a job?

Spring is always a great time to apply for a job – that’s because a number of different industries often hire in the Spring. At this point, hiring managers are gearing up for the winter hiring season, which means that they’ll post information regarding new positions and vacancies during the months of March, April, and May.

However, the month of May offers potential job applicants a unique opportunity to score a late Spring hire. During the month of May, many businesses tend to fall into desperation mode – mostly because the summer is quickly approaching and many employees will take vacations, executives will spend much more time networking and meeting with clients, and many companies participate in exciting events to help spread awareness about what they’re doing and what they have to offer. For businesses looking to gear up for this important time of year, they might be on the lookout for new additions to their team.

Steer Clear of The Summer when you search for a job

At the end of the day, the summer months simply don’t produce the most flourishing environment for potential job openings. In fact, they’re often the slowest time of year for hiring managers. With every passing week during the summer, businesses are moving closer and closer to the end of their fiscal year, which means that they won’t be looking to make a big splash and take on a brand new salary – only retail businesses will consider it if they plan on getting an early jump on the holiday season, but even that will likely not occur until the very end of August – if at all.

Then again, just because the summer time tends to slow down dramatically, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find that hidden gem opportunity. In the same breath, it also doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to find a job. If you’re still searching for a job during the summer, you’ll just have to go the extra mile to search harder, to network more effectively, and to present yourself more strategically, so that when a position does open up, you’ll be ready to pounce on it and score the interview.

The Secret Is In Your Hands

After reading this article, you should have a better understanding on when to commence your search for a new job in a given year. From there, it’s up to you to listen to our advice, search for open positions when the time is right, and send your application in as soon as you find a position that you’re qualified for.

From there, you’ll be well on your way towards finding your next new career!

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