10 errores comunes del currículum que debe evitar 2023

En este mundo tan acelerado, los responsables de la contratación y los reclutadores rara vez tienen tiempo y recursos para examinar a fondo cada currículum que se les presenta; un estudio indica que suelen dedicar una media de seis segundos a tomar una decisión inicial de aptitud o no aptitud.

Resume Help - 10 common resume mistakes to avoid 2023

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10 common resume mistakes to avoid 2022

You’ve been applying for jobs like crazy, but it seems like every one of them has vanished into the internet’s abyss, and do you wonder why you aren’t getting any interviews? We’re prepared to wager that it’s not because you lack qualifications or are just insufficient, this is most likely due to common resume mistakes to avoid.

If you want to stand out you need to have something instantly appealing on your resume that makes you seize that interview opportunity.

(And remember, the ONLY purpose of a resume is to get you that interview!)

Here are the most important points that we will mention in our article:

  • 10 common resume mistakes to avoid.
  • Find out how to avoid these mistakes.
  • Important tips to get a good resume.
  • The most important questions about mistakes resume.

He aquí algunos aspectos que debes tener en cuenta al preparar tu currículum.

Objetivo - Un comienzo a la antigua usanza

Every other resume has it and honestly saying it doesn’t do great, obviously you are applying for a job and your objective is to get the role, no need to waste that precious space by writing those cheesy lines.

Si hay algo realmente único en ti, como el cambio de dominio o el área de trabajo, sería una buena idea añadir una pequeña reseña o un resumen.

Use cover letters about your objectives and why you want the job, don’t be confused between the content of resume and cover letter, things like your objective, why you will be a good fit for the organization etc. should be put on a one pager comprehensive cover letter.

Datos personales

La mayoría de las veces no se prefiere incluir el estado civil, las creencias o preferencias religiosas, los números de la seguridad social o de identificación, a menos que se requiera para el puesto que se solicita o la región en la que se solicita.

Esto solía ser una norma en el pasado, pero hoy en día toda esta información conduce a la discriminación, el racismo y otras cosas ilegítimas.

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Evite los errores tipográficos y gramaticales

Your resume is your first point of contact between you and your potential employer, try not to give a bad impression by doing those silly typos and grammatical errors.
For e.g. don’t use present tense for the past job etc.
Only your current job should be written in present tense, proofread your resume many times, let it read by other peers and seniors around you, get it checked by a professional if possible.

Experiencias laborales

There has been a great debate about writing work experiences on your resume, about what to include, should only relevant experience be included or otherwise? Should I include all my experiences even the earliest ones? Etc.

What i suggest is to take a moderate approach, include all you recent experiences as it shows what you have been doing in last 5 or 10 years, try not to include irrelevant experiences if you have done something that doesn’t relates to your core work area.

Also, if you have more than 15 years of experience under your belt, try to make another section ‘Prior Experience’ and consolidate your early experiences over there, in a couple of lines.

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Datos de contacto

Recruiters look for the best and easiest way to reach to you, they are not interested in your whereabouts and how many email addresses and mobile numbers you have, be professional and precise about your contact details.

Don’t use that fancy immature childish email address.

Be decent in your email addresses, give one reachable contact number instead of your residential mailing address, also try to add a link to your professional profile like LinkedIn.

Be Real, Be Honest, Be Truthful | common resume mistakes to avoid

Don’t pretend to be what you are not, recruiters don’t find it impressive if you are applying for a software engineering role and you can fix a rocket as well, additional qualities are good and will make you distinguish among others.

only if it is relevant to your core profession, don’t tell blatant lies about yourself, don’t write anything that you can’t defend in interview.

Si estás aprendiendo algo nuevo, muéstrate como una persona que aprende rápido, no como un experto, sólo para conseguir ese trabajo; las empresas que contratan se fijan sobre todo en la pasión por aprender y en tu capacidad para adaptarte rápidamente a un mundo que cambia a gran velocidad.

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El tamaño importa

Lengthy resume and prolong texts does not mean that you are a highly talented and skilled professional, most surveys about resume says that lengthy CVs are a biggest NO for recruiters.

Try to be comprehensive while elaborative about your resume, select right words, use the space diligently and try to fit yourself in that one or two page area.

make good use of those white spaces in such a way that a few seconds glance on your resume should define you aptly.

Aficiones, ¿Por qué?

A nadie le importa lo que haces en tu tiempo libre si no tiene que ver con el trabajo que solicitas, ahórrate ese espacio en blanco en el papel y pon algo razonable.

Estilo, pegadizo pero comprensible

Take proper care while selection of fonts and its size, don’t use too big or too small font, don’t use old fashioned fonts like ‘Times New Roman’, use Raleway instead.

Most people reduce the font size to fit in more in less space, don’t make your recruiter’s eyes suffer by reading such small size text, select a clear font with proper size that makes sense and give a clean and sleek look to your resume.

Bullets are good to attract attention to most important aspects of your resume but don’t overload your resume with bullets. Format your CV properly, make proper size and readable sections, indent it well, be consistent with date formats and stick to it throughout.

Pronombres personales

Its your resume and obviously it’s about you, so don’t use words like “I,” “me,” “she,” or “my,”.

Technically saying it’s your CV that’s telling about you, not you. By using The FREE Styling CV’s Resume Builder you can create the Resume that opens doors for you.

Lessons Learned: common resume mistakes to avoid

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Making a standout CV is a difficult task. Sometimes all we need is a little prodding, a gentle reminder of what’s crucial to include or exclude.

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FAQ about common resume mistakes to avoid

1-What mistakes should be avoided while making your resume?

The Top 8 Resume Mistakes to Avoid.

  1. Mistakes in grammar and spelling.
  2. Absence of details.
  3. using a “one-size-fits-all” strategy.
  4. Highlighting Tasks Rather Than Results
  5. dragging things out or making them too brief.
  6. a poor summary
  7. Without action verbs.
  8. Not Including Vital Information.

2-What makes a resume Bad?

A poor resume lacks verifiable and unique outcomes. Explain how you used your expertise to produce tangible results for your employer rather than listing the jobs you perform or discussing the accomplishments of your organization.

3-How do I know if my resume is good?

Is My Resume Good?

  • It helps you land interviews for jobs.
  • include measurements and statistics rather than just text.
  • centered on tasks rather than outcomes.
  • well-paced and skimmable.
  • suited for the task.
  • Keyword-optimized.
  • Error-free.
  • Professional-looking and contemporary.

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